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PS Universal VPN App on Win 10


PS Universal VPN App on Win 10

I've gotten the Universal App working between Win 10 and PCS 8.3.  The problem is it won't connect consistently.  Randomly it will fail with an IO error.  It will start the VPN channel, then Client:Smiley FrustratedendHttp, then Client::RecvHttp, then fails with receiveMessage incomplete data: 0, 1 and failed RecvHttp.  The message in the log AND in the GUI is  IO incomplete.

Other times, when successful, after Client::RecvHttp, I get  Client:Smiley FrustratedendIft: vendor=21911, request=1, size=4 and the connection succeeds with lots more event logs.  Any suggestions on trying to debug this problem?





Re: PS Universal VPN App on Win 10

Can you take wireshark packet capture and if see any anomalies have been logged?

Are you seeing the error messages on the event logs of Windows?
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