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PSA-7000v - Program dsdashserver recently failed

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PSA-7000v - Program dsdashserver recently failed

Hello Guys,


We just recently installed a PSA-7000v to scale up our VPN user base, and after that I keep seing this messages on my server:


2020-03-20 01:33:04 - ive - [] Root:Smiley Frustratedystem()[] - Trace Info : * assertion in, void* DSUtilMemPool::allocate(int), assert (impl->m_mallocCount < MAX_MALLOC_COUNT), 15 frames /home/lib/ [0x137ddd4] /home/lib/ [0x137dec2] /home/lib/ [0x13918b0] /home/lib/ [0x13918fc] /home/lib/ [0x188554] /home/lib/ [0x1976ab] /home/lib/ [0x1979c3] /home/lib/ [0x198895] /home/lib....... [keeps going forever...]
2020-03-20 01:38:04 - ive - [] Root:Smiley Frustratedystem()[] - Program dsdashserver recently failed.


They are all over the place, all the time...

Anyone has ever seen this before?





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Re: PSA-7000v - Program dsdashserver recently failed

It is an indication that the daemon which runs on the VPN server called "dsdashserver" had experienced a crash.

Please open a support ticket with us and provide the event logs and core dump for analysis.
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Re: PSA-7000v - Program dsdashserver recently failed

In the log messages do you always see "Program dsdashserver recently failed." or do you see other process names as well for example "program dscsd recently failed"? 


If you are seeing multiple different process crashing it could be related to the available memory on your device as the program seems to be crashing when allocating memory so try increasing the memory allocated to this virtual image. 


However if its just dsdashserver then you may need to open a support ticket as it could be a mmeory leak in that process.