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Partial config Import?


Partial config Import?

I'm migrating from a SA2000 to a MAG2600, but don't want to bring old junk into my new cluster.

Let's just say my predecessor didn't clean up much and left a lot of crap around.


So anyway... It looks like I can with the XML Export/Import settings would do the trick, so just looking for a confirmation and if anyone has experience or tips they can offer.


(and this is all pretty new to me)



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Re: Partial config Import?

If possible, I would recommend using binary configurations instead of xml.  While XML data is good for a incremental update, it is not recommend for a full backup of the configuration.  When import XML data there are specific dependency check which can cause more headaches than needed.  


I would clean up the configuration on the SA2000, then perform a binary export and import to the MAG device.

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Re: Partial config Import?

To attest to what Kita has mentioned,  XML, while more flexible, is very, very particular in terms of dependencies, so it can quickly become a headache. Binary is much cleaner, but offers no flexibility. Having done config migrations using both methods, i prefer binary, whenever I can get away with it.


If you can run the appliances in parallel,look into using  Push Configuration option to selectively push configuration components to the new device. I assume the devices have to be on the same code though.

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Re: Partial config Import?



Yes, importing XML sucks because all the dependicies stuff... but it is great to know what it is in use or not... because if you import a set of roles and it didn't depends on nothing, probably they are just doing nothing in the configuration.


Just to tell the other side of the coin Smiley Happy