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PassThrough Proxy

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PassThrough Proxy



I'd like to use Pass Through Proxy for an application. I would like to use virtual hostname.

My setup is as follow:


PCS url:

Internal web ressources: http://drupal.roms.priv

In order to use virtual url hostname, I created a public DNS record: (pointing to the same iP as


I created a Web Ressource Profile, under which I have

Base URL: http://drupal.roms.priv

AutoPolicy Web ACL: http://drupal.roms.priv:80/* Allow

AutoPolicy Rewriting: Passthrough Proxy: Use Virtualhostname: drupal.roms.priv


I have assigned this Web Ressource Profie to a User Role. (ROLE_DRUPAL)


It is not working,  except if I had the role ROLE_DRUPAL to the Initial Rewrite Policy (the default one)


Is it the expected way to configure PTP? I would assume I don't need Rewriting.... or am I wrong?


thanks for clarification