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Passing form post data to the SA box

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Passing form post data to the SA box

Ok - kind of an "off the wall" question. Without going into the specfic reasons why I need to be able to do the following:

1- Execute a form post where I pass the SA login page the user ID and password for authentication purposes -- This is no problem to do - figured it out.

2- Provide for encyrption of the form post data to be passed. So this would require that the page that gathered the User ID and pasword encrypt the data, pass it to the login.html page of the SA and then have the ability to add decryption logic to the SA page.

It is point #2 that I am asking about. I am NOT an html coder. I am just trying to determine if the login page is "smart" enough to support that level of modification. Then I will find someone much smarter than me to do it.

I know we have some wizards out there who have manipulated these pages extensively. Do you think that this can be done?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Passing form post data to the SA box

You can't do it with a POST because the destination is login.cgi and that cannot be customized. You might be able to use a GET to the LoginPage.thtml and use client-side code (Java applet or ActiveX) to decrypt the information.

I'm wondering why you would want to do this? The data is already encrypted in transit with SSL.