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Passthrough Proxy - Wrong Sign in Page

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Passthrough Proxy - Wrong Sign in Page


i am using the Juniper SA as a Passthrough Proxy for Sharepoint 2010.

This works fine so far. I have on problem:

We are using the virtual hostname mode and when I access the virtual hostname for the Sharepoint Site without prior logging in to the SA, it redirects me to a signin page.

Now my problem is that i dont know how to set which Signin Page it should redirect me to. It seems it just redirects me to the first created one.

But for sharepoint we need to use a different Sign-In Page/Authentication Realm.

I would be glad if someone could give me a hint on how to set a default SignIn-Page/Authentication realm for a passthrough proxy virtual hostname Bookmark.

Thanks in advance



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Re: Passthrough Proxy - Wrong Sign in Page


I faced the same issue. Has anyone a proper answer for it?



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Re: Passthrough Proxy - Wrong Sign in Page


i was able to fix this issue. However there is no real solution but only a really basic behaviour of the SA Device:

It is not possible to assign a standard sign in page to a virtual hostname. The device will always deliver its standard sign in page. The standard sign in page is related to the hostname which is configured under network.

In our case we just change the hostname of the device to the name of the virtual hostname and it work.

But as said this is a real basic solution and will only work for one virtual hostname. To my knowledge there is no other way and you would need to request this feature and hope that juniper would create it in a future release.



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Re: Passthrough Proxy - Wrong Sign in Page

You could try changing the order of your sign in pages. Make sure the default /* is at the bottom of the list. The SA starts at the top and goes down. This fixed my problem where the sessions would time out for users and prompt them to sign in, but would always return them to the defualt. sign in page.