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Password Resets through the IVE

Occasional Contributor

Password Resets through the IVE

Let me start off by saying that users can change their passwords through the IVE by going to preferences no problem.  The problem is we have so many field users with tablets/laptops.  If they change their Network Password their cached domain password on their Tablet/Laptop does not change. 

Let me run through a scenario.  A user is working in the field.  They sign into Network Connect on their tablet.  They see that they need to change their password so they go to preferences and change it.  Then they log off their computer and trying signing back in with the new password.  They can't sign in with the new password they still have to use the old one.  The network password changes successfully but the cached domain password is not updated on the device, I understand this normal.  I was wondering if anyone figured out a good solution to this problem.  I would love to somehow update their SAMaccount or device password when they change their network password through the IVE.  Right now its almost easier just to tell the user to sign into Network Connect --> hit ctrl +alt +del --> change password, bam.  I may just stick with this solution but I was just curious.

Thanks for your help. 

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Re: Password Resets through the IVE

Hi Paul_Slager,

To the best of my knowledge, the way your users are changeing their password via NC and the three finger salute is the best way to change on the desktop and through the IVE.