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Patch Assessment - SMS connectivity

Occasional Contributor

Patch Assessment - SMS connectivity

I think I already know the answer to this question, but documented examples are difficult to find or dont explain the process very well.

We run Host Checks at the realm, we prefer users to submit there credentials into a host that has passed our specific checks. The down side to this is that the user is not "connected"until the HC process is complete. I would like to use the Shavlik Netchk Engine and SMS to resolve MS patch issues, up to now i have not had any success in getting this to work. Would i be correct in thinking that the SMS update will not work until the host is connected to the network through a VPN?

Has anyone else managed to get this feature to work in a similar fashion that i am attempting??

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Patch Assessment - SMS connectivity

Hi, I would agree.

How to you kick off Shavlik to perform a scan ? Is it something the workstation can initiate ?

If so, couldnt you the post-login script feature of NetConnect ?