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Pathetic Support from Pulse Secure Global Support

First Solar
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Pathetic Support from Pulse Secure Global Support

What is pathetic is the quality of support for Pulse Connect Secure and Policy Secure which have gone drastically low.


Are you guys closing Pulse Secure by any chance, after paying so much for the support, any time we call you for urgent assistance either you say all your engineers are busy or he is on another call. 


I mean you are supporting the worlds Pulse Secure admins, how many engineers do you have?


Even escalating the ticket doesn't make any sense, we do not pay for this crap.


Half of the time engineers do not have a clue about the features like SAML, Azure etc. seems like they have to google to understand. Do you even give proper training to your engineers? Or you just grab anyone who is willing to work for pennies?


Only if it's a P1 your engineer respond in an hour or we have to wait and wait or try to call support where they keep us on hold for another hour or all the engineers are busy! That's CRAP!


I have spoken to my management if the support quality DOES NOT improve, we do not want to renew support for any of our devices and will look for alternate vendors.


1. Improve your engineer strength.

2. Quality of engineers who know the product and features related to it.

3. Please hire engineers who can speak correct English, also you got so much of that accent, its hard to understand some of them.

4. Response time for ticket opened.

5. And stop asking for the survey when your support is PATHETIC!!




A very Un-Happy customer


Re: Pathetic Support from Pulse Secure Global Support

I am sorry to hear you have had such negative experience with our support team. Can you send me a PM with case numbers that I can help investigate on these specific instances?