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Power supply info

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Power supply info

(I have a case open for this as well) We believe we might have a bad power supply on a MAG-SM160 but trying to confirm it. A tech heard a beeping sound and narrowed it down to the back of the device. He noticed as well that the top power supply didn't have a green light on it. When logging into the UI, I go to Maintenance-System-Platform but I do not see anything regarding power supplies there as the built in documentation says it should be.
We are running 8.2R4.1.

This is from the built in documentation. The screenshot (Figure 210) does not show power supply information either.
Displaying Hardware Status

You can use the Maintenance > System > Platform page to display the hardware health status, including information about hard drives, fans, and power supplies.

To display hardware health status:

Select Maintenance > System > Platform to display the System Maintenance page.
Figure 209 shows the system maintenance page for Policy Secure.

Figure 210 shows the system maintenance page for Connect Secure.

Re: Power supply info

Hi rma2001,

It may be a fan also - check out

Please remember to mark solved once the thread is resolved. Kudos are also appreciated.
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Re: Power supply info

Thanks, the fans both show OK in the interface but no information about either PS. I was just trying to see if there was a way in a report, log or in the interface that showed power supply health.