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Premier Java RDP license count

New Contributor

Premier Java RDP license count

I'm testing out the Premier Java RDP client and I need to monitor how many licenses are in use. The appliance comes with 2 but I have no idea how many people are going to start using their Macs once I announce their support.


Also, it's my understanding if I mark it as a fallback option it will be used if the windows client isn't loaded but in my testing I can never get the Java client to load on a Windows device which is good because I would rather troubleshoot why a person can't get connect with Windows instead of using a license. Is this expected?

Respected Contributor

Re: Premier Java RDP license count

there is no way to monitor the RDP license usage on-system. if you create a role that only is used for that and send the logs to syslog, you can grep out and count unique users.

yes, if you are using windows it is expected that java will not launch unless you have forced the option or have activex disabled