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PrimerJava and OSX 10.7.2 on SA 7.1R4.1

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PrimerJava and OSX 10.7.2 on SA 7.1R4.1

I'm having issues using PrimerJava RDP on OSX 10.7.2 SA v7.1R4.1, every 5 minutes I recieve the error below in the screenshot "The Terminal server has disconnected the session Reason: socket closed (EOF)" followed by the rdp connection being dropped.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue on Mac OSX 10.7 using primerJava RDP?

Is anyone using Mac OSX 10.7 using primierJava RDP aka HOBJWT where it's working correctly?

If so can you share the fall back html you used to get the client to work correctly?

I'm using the latest Java update 1.6.0_29_b11-402 for Mac.

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Re: PrimerJava and OSX 10.7.2 on SA 7.1R4.1

that JRE could be the problem; dud it work previously? that specific version has caused issues with java applets.