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Problems connecting while running Bullguard v16

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Problems connecting while running Bullguard v16


I occasionally have to work remotely from home and connect to my work PC via Juniper SSL VPN for approved RDP access, usually without problem. However not last week, when Juniper informed me that my PC's anti-virus and firewall were not approved (or words to that effect). I contacted IT support at work and they told me that Bullguard, the product I use, was on the list of approved anti-virus / firewall products but only up to v15, not v16, the version I am currently on.

In order to connect I had no choice but to uninstall Bullguard and install AVG instead. Juniper had no problem with AVG and I was easily able to connect after doing that. I’d like to install Bullguard again, but clearly am unable to do so while this problem remains (unless I keep uninstalling it and reinstalling it whenever I have to connect from home).

Will Bullguard v16 be added to the list of approved Juniper products and if so when will this happen? And how likely will this problem happen in the future if I upgrade to a later version of Bullguard which Juniper does not yet support? I'd much appreciate any help, advice or tips on circumventing this problem (other than changing my anti-virus product) without falling foul of my company's IT policy!
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Re: Problems connecting while running Bullguard v16

Hello Hugh,

I would suggest open a support ticket to have this issue tracked. In regards for future plans, we are planning to move to a newer solution which will avoid the lag time between support of new products. This is still in the works.