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Propagating configuration between SA's

Frequent Contributor

Propagating configuration between SA's

Hi all,

is there a way to propagte configuration between two same modeled machine that are located

in two different locations and at the same backing up each other?

I know that the NSM can manage the SA machines, but i need to find a way that those two machines will have the same configuration and will back up each other.

The first idea that comes to my head is using a global load balancer...

please share your thoughts and ideas.

Valued Contributor

Re: Propagating configuration between SA's

You can use the Push Config feature located under the maintenance tab to accomplish this. Check the admin guide as you have to do a small bit of manual effort if my memory is working right - but it will allow you to meet your objective of sharing a config across devices without using NSM.
Super Contributor

Re: Propagating configuration between SA's

Push Configuration certainly works, but has some limitations if you are running IVSs.

If I wanted the functionality you seem to desire, I'd cluster the two devices. Is this not an option?