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Proper RDP Issue

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Proper RDP Issue

I am hosting ProperRDP on the IVE and I am able to use it to connect to most resources.However, I am getting an Unimplemented type in main loop:11 error after signing into a pair of Terminal Servers.

The only difference ( as far as I know) between these Terminal Servers and others that I can connect with successfully is the problematic servers have encryption turned on.

Has anyone seen this error before or does anyone know if ProperRDP has issues with encrypted connections?

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Re: Proper RDP Issue

We are having the same issue here. We get "Unimplemented type in main loop" error message after entering the credentials. Any suggestions?

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Re: Proper RDP Issue

Had the same issue with a customer. MS Terminal services has a mechanism of which i forgot its name, to redirect you back to an active session i believe (it was for a TS cluster, if that helps).

This is not supported by properjavardp. Try to disable it and test if that is your issue.