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ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped

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ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped

Attached is a Zip File labeled - this contains all of the necessary JAR files for the ProperJava RDP - The Java based Terminal Services program. Save this file. Then use the new applet load page to bring it into the SA box. Remember to check the "Uncompress Archive File" option when bringing the file in.

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Re: ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped

doesnt work with windows server 2008....known bug with no timeline for fix......darn.

i did figure out how to install and use the applet via the WebUS and NSM... so thanks for that.

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Re: ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped

Works nicely for me! Smiley Happy

Here's the HTML code I copy pasted from another post, together with the file attached in this post by muttbarker - it works nicely.


<title>ProperRDP Applet</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
1) << CODEBASE >> is a system value that will get replaced at the time the applet is launched. Please do not modify this value.
2) Please modify the remaining values as needed.
3) Please make sure all attribute names/values are enclosed in double quotes.
<applet code="net.propero.rdp.applet.RdpApplet.class"
codebase="<< CODEBASE >>"
width="640" height="480"
name="ProperRDP" align="top">
<param name="code" value="net.propero.rdp.applet.RdpApplet.class">
<param name="codebase" value="<< CODEBASE >>">
<param name="archive" value="properJavaRDP14-1.1.jar,properJavaRDP13-1.1.jar,properJavaRDP12-1.1.jar,properJavaRDP11-1.1.jar,log4j-java1.1.jar,java-getopt-1.0.13.jar,properJavaRDP-1.1.jar">
<param name="cabbase" value="">
<param name="name" value="ProperRDP">
<param name="width" value="640">
<param name="height" value="480">
<param name="align" value="top">
Please specify additional params here after the comment.
<param name="paramname" value="paramvalue">

<param name="Server" value="<<HOST>>">
<param name="Port" value="<<PORT>>">
<param name="Username" value="<< user >>">



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Re: ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped

thanks, it now works.

thanks again.


Re: ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped

That's fantastic as I've never been able to get this to work until now.

Being fussy, I guess there's no way of hooking in to allow a custom window size as per the option in Preferences of the SA homepage?

I ask as it only ever seems to come up at 640x480 as in the html regardless of the setting in preferences?

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Re: ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped

I'd like to see the 'full size' or customizable option as well, but I haven't seen anybody get it working.

There is a parameter to change the size (though it's fixed) <param name="geometry" value="2048x1536">

Just set that to whatever window size you want.

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Re: ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped


Good thread... but I can't get this working...

I loaded the file, made resource profile, didn't modify the html code (looked exactly the same as in another post in this same thread).

For testing, I have checked "allways use this java applet".

When I click the bookmark, Proper Java RDP Applet window opens, but inside it I got a proper JavaRDP error message: Connection Exception Connection Failed. Same thing happens with my windows and linux workstations.

Any Idea, what's wrong?



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Re: ProperJava RDP - Complete Jar Files - Zipped

I haven't used the files attached to this post, however, have this working except for a problem with tabs not working on the remote machine. You also can't connect to a Vista computer. Has anyone had these problems, or fixed these issues?