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ProperJava RDP TAB key issue on Mac

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ProperJava RDP TAB key issue on Mac

Has anybody had issues with the TAB key using the ProperRDP Java applet? It seems to work fine from a windows box in either Firefox or IE. On mac, I'm having tab key issues on both Safari and Firefox.

If I figure out a resolution, I'll post back as well.



Message Edited by dstoll on 06-25-2009 07:11 PM
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Re: ProperJava RDP TAB key issue on Mac

Hey Dave - can you give a little more explaination as to the "issues?" I run PJ-RDP on my Apple (Safari browser for SSL access) and have not noticed any problems with the applet when accessing Wintel boxes. What is not working for you?
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Re: ProperJava RDP TAB key issue on Mac

Well, basically the title says it all. I was not able to use the tab key at all. I noticed it first on the login screen where it prompted for username and password. Then, when loading applications such as notepad I noticed the same thing. No Tab key. Same exact bookmark and java applet on windows worked fine.

I recompiled the software from the trunk SVN on sourceforge. I did notice something weird. I don't think it's detecting the localization correctly. It recognized me as en-gb which I believe is the UK keymapping. I figured this out when I forgot to copy the keymaps directory into the .jar file after re-compiling.

Another thing I noticed is when using RDP4 flag set to "YES" for Windows 2003 servers configured using RDP version 4, the color depth seems to be limited to 8 bits, even though I'm specifying 24 bit depth. I'm still working on this to see if it's something on the server or the applet code though.

For right now it's working, but I really didn't do anything except copy the source into a new project in Eclipse, compile it and package it... I'll let you know what else I find out.

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Re: ProperJava RDP TAB key issue on Mac

I'm seeing the same problem (along with a few others)...

ProperJava RDP

-Tab key doesn't work

- @ key doesn't work

- Control+Click doesn't work (stinks when you are working from a laptop and you don't have an external mouse to right click)

Macbook Pro

4Gig RAM

320Gig Drive

Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT w/ 512Mb RAM

OSX 10.5.7

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Re: ProperJava RDP TAB key issue on Mac

Well, I have basically fixed the tab issue by recompiling from source. I'm going to ping the properjavardp dev team list on sourceforge to see what their thoughts are. I'm a pretty good java programmer, but it could take me a week to diagnose the issue with the color depth. it only drops to 8bit color when connecting using rdp4. That's a clue, but not a very good one Smiley Wink

If anybody wants my re-compiled from trunk version, let me know. I can post it here, or have Kevin post it.

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Re: ProperJava RDP TAB key issue on Mac

Have you tried JavaRDP JavaRDP14-1.1.jar. No TAB problems reported there. My only issue with it, is that you can't remote into a Vista computer from a MAC.
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Re: ProperJava RDP TAB key issue on Mac

Hi dstoll

I have the same problem with the Tab key on a MAC. I tried the debug_key optionand the applet doesn't seem to detect the key being pressed.

Since i'm not a Java programer and re-compiling the code is quite a challenge for me, could you please share your re-compiled version?

I've also noticed that the title option is not available and i believe that is it because in the file RdpApplet.Java, the -t is defined twice

argLine += " " + genParam("-t","port");
argLine += " " + genParam("-l","debug_level");
argLine += " " + genParam("-s","shell");
argLine += " " + genParam("-t","title");

shouldn't it be -T for the title?