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ProperJava RDP and the password variable

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ProperJava RDP and the password variable

Howdy - General question in regards to an issue I have been fighting for a while. I use the ProperJava RDP for terminal services from Mac and Linux boxes. I have no problems with it, with the exception of passing the "Password" variable into the TS session.

I can pass hard-coded IP, port, domain and pass either either hard-coded username, or the <username> variable.

However, neither a hardcoded password, or the variable password ever pass over. While I have a JTAC issue open, the intital response was that "variables don't work at all" -

So just wondering - has anyone ever been successful in passing a password into a ProperJava RDP TS session.

Code snippet follows:

<param name="Server" value="">
<param name="Port" value="3389">
<param name="Domain"value="ITG">
<param name="Username" value="<< USERNAME>> ">
<param name="password" value="<< PASSWORD>> ">


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Re: ProperJava RDP and the password variable

Kevin -

Looking at your post, I was struck that "password" was the only one of your parameters for which the first character was in lower case. I don't know anything about ProperJava RDP, but I do think Java parameters are case-sensitive. Could this be the problem?


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Re: ProperJava RDP and the password variable

Hey Ken - thanks for the question! Alas I wish it was that easy. I have tested it with all caps, leading caps, lowercase... variable and parameter. I am nothing, if not **bleep**.

I have a JTAC engineer finally wanting to spend some time with me on this. I will post results when I learn.