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Protecting mail on mobile clients

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Protecting mail on mobile clients

Howdy - I have an interesting issue that has stumped me completely so I thought I would throw it up to the Forums so see if there was something I missed. 


I have a customer who is running STMP/POP3 mail. They have a need to provide access to email via mobile devices (IOS / Android) - however they can't allow access through the standard IOS Android mail client due to security reasons. If email is physically stored on the mobile device then it needs to be "sandboxed" so it can't be touched by some malware app that might make it onto the device. It also needs a secondary level of passwording so that if the device is left unlocked someone can't come up and just read mail.


The Good Technologies solution does a great job of providing this level of functionality for Exchange mail. 


Has anyone come across an app that would do this for SMTP/POP3?


How is anyone else addressing these security issues, or are they just not concerned? 


The alternative is to use web mail - but their current web mail front end is old and does not support a nice mobile UI. 


Any thoughts?