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Proxy Settings

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Re: Proxy Settings

I am running it as an admin.

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Re: Proxy Settings

ok; thank you.

can you unicast me your case number, please, so i can follow internally as well as through this thread?

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Re: Proxy Settings

Hi zanyterp and others, are you able to publish any news related to this issue here? I've just started to troubleshoot a similar problem with proxy settings and maybe there is something that could be straightened out right away.


Using latest SA and Pulse (7.2R4 and

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Re: Proxy Settings

Markkul -


This seems to be a flaw in the 64bit version of the pulse software. As I mentioned in my previous post it is attempting to write the pac file to a directory that a user does not have write access to. When I had the issue I was using a 2.x version of the pulse client but it seems to be a problem with the 3.x client also. I have not run a procmon to see if it is the exact same symptoms but I am guessing it is. I would recommend you open a case with Juniper support and maybe reference them to this forum post.



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Re: Proxy Settings

HI Dan,


Can you try installing pulse 3.0r4 for a test machine and test


We had issues with pulse not preserving original proxy settings after sign out on win 7 machines