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Proxy settings after discourteous disconnect of NC

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Proxy settings after discourteous disconnect of NC

NC creates a new autoproxy PAC file called instantproxy.pac on the workstation's hard disk and then modifies browser settings to point to that file.  If NC completes normally, the proxy settings are restored to their values before NC started.  If NC has a discourteous disconnect (user kills the process or PC crashes), the "NC" proxy settings are retained.

If the user restarts NC, the correct clean up is done at the normal NC termination.

I'm more concerned about the use case where the user brings the PC into the office after the discourteous disconnect and tries to use it with the "NC" proxy settings.  I need to find a way to reset the proxy settings to the pre-NC values when that occurs, and I need to have that be functional even if the user does not have admin privileges on the PC.

Anybody solved this problem, or have any good ideas on how I might?


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Re: Proxy settings after discourteous disconnect of NC

Hi Ken,

Do you guys use login scripts ? Or how about a group policy login type script that deletes the file at login ? Even a simple script in the startup group or the RUN key in the registry of the pc? Just guessing here.

Hows the roll-out going ? I'm hoping they are working hard on version 7 and it resolves all of our many NC issues. If not we may be fleeing come renewal time. Can't deal with another upgrade nightmare.