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Publish Sharepoint with Mag 2600

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Publish Sharepoint with Mag 2600

Good morning,

I have an Sharepoint server/site for internal use that I'd like to publish through our SSL VPN portal.

My Sharepoint server and AD auth servers are on an internal network segment, and the Mag 2600 is located in a dmz. There is a firewall between the dmz and the internal network.

Will we be able to authenticate against AD and connect to Sharepoint with this network configuration? I'm guessing we will need to open the proper ports on the dmz firewall to allow Sharepoint and AD auth traffic (ports 80, 443, 636, etc.) through.

Please help me determine the best way to do this.

Thank you!

Respected Contributor

Re: Publish Sharepoint with Mag 2600

on the DMZ firewall you need to allow the following from the internal port:

access to AD (either AD or LDAP ports)

access to Sharepoint

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Re: Publish Sharepoint with Mag 2600


yes, all the ports needed by AD and sharepoint needs to be allowed.

Are you using both external and internal interfaces on the MAG?