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Publishing Microsoft CRM 4 with SA4000

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Publishing Microsoft CRM 4 with SA4000


We trying to publish MS CRM 4 with SA4000, IVE 6.4R1 (build 14063) with WEB profile. Some screens very slow (>2min) and CPU and RAM on client skyrocketing. I saw post here about to add custom rewrite rule for *.htc files as JavaScript. So it's do makes things faster (~20sec) but IE shows message "error on page" and some icons are missing. WEB profile set to unchanged caching and no compression. HTTP 1.1 is disabled. With NetworkConnect all works fine.

Does anybody have some experience with MS CRM 4?

We have also CRM 3 and it works fine with default rewriting.

Thank you in advance

Dan Even

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Re: Publishing Microsoft CRM 4 with SA4000


Have you solved the problem with CRM 4 ?

We are in the same situation than you.

Memory & CPU issues have been solved by the rewriting rule of htc files but some "icons" are still missing.

So, if you have solved the problem, could you give me some advices ?


Bets Regards,


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Re: Publishing Microsoft CRM 4 with SA4000

Hi Bernard,

If it still relevant for you, according to Juniper support, the only way is a passthrough proxy. We did it with virtual hostname, according to IVE documentation.

Drawback is lack of single sign on.

According to Juniper support, they're aware of the problem and it will addressed in future versions.


Dan Even