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Publishing Remote Desktop Gateway behind Pulse Secure?


Publishing Remote Desktop Gateway behind Pulse Secure?

We have a 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Gateway on our LAN which publishes some applications.

I'd like to understand the neatest way to allow users to login to our Pulse PSA web interface (so no direct network connectivity) and pull a dynamic list of the published applications that they are allowed to use from the RD Gateway, and for them to be able to use them.

I know I can manually create bookmarks to Published Applications but I'd like to have things so that when Tom logs on he automatically sees the apps he would see on the RD Gateway website same for Dick and for Harry.

I did try using the PSA to browse to the RD Gateway URL and it lets me login and see the icons for the published apps, but it doesn't allow me to run any of them, when I click one I get an error on the PSA that says something like the resource could not be found (works fine on the LAN).

What I'm trying to avoid here is exposing the RD Gateway directly to the internet or giving untrusted clients direct access to our network.

Would anyone have any suggestions please?

We're on 8.2r3.

Re: Publishing Remote Desktop Gateway behind Pulse Secure?

RD gateway cannot be proxied without the use of a client (WSAM, JSAM, Pulse); nor could it's predecessor TS Gateway as they deliver direct-to-app sessions that cannot be rewritten to be captured by the Pulse Secure Terminal Service client.
As far as other options, does the HTML5 bookmark work or is that still limited to requiring specific bookmarks to be created?