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Pulse 8.2r5 lockdown mode

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Pulse 8.2r5 lockdown mode

When the Pulse client is in lock-down mode, certain services on Windows 10 do not start. Synergy is an example. When lock-down mode is disabled, services start as normal. Drive-mapping to 2012 Server shares also fails.

It also appears EAP-TLS traffic is not permitted on initial boot with lockdown mode enabled.

I do not see any forums or knowledge base articles with always-on or lockdown issues.

We are running a virtual instance of 8.2r5 with Windows 10 and Mac clients.

Re: Pulse 8.2r5 lockdown mode

Hi. As per Pulse 5.2R5 Client administration guide, the function of this feature is to disallow other network traffic outside the tunnel during VPN creation and stated that the lock-down option blocks nearly all network traffic, but there are exceptions for the minimum amount of traffic required to initialize network adapter such that a tunnel can be created. As such, traffic used to get IP addresses, hostnames, etc. (DHCP, DNS, etc.) are permitted even when the machine is locked down.

I do not believe that it causes services to not start in the client and if so, we need to investigate that, and I recommend opening a support case if further testing confirms this undesired or unexpected behavior. The EAP-TLS issue may be normal due to the feature function, but please look further in to the admin guide.

We have a KB that has some info about this feature:
KB40363 - Behavior of "Lock Down this connection" (also known as Lock Down Mode)