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Pulse-API Integration

New Contributor

Pulse-API Integration

Hi everyone


I have an issue at the moment where I'm looking to integrate a development system (DDS) with our Pulse Secure cluster. The specific issue is the Pulse is not sending through API calls from DDS.


I've enabled the API option on the relevant account but we still see '403 Forbidden'. Error can be seen at this link:


The 403 error seems simple enough but I cannot see any issues on the Pulse configuration. Is there anything additional I should be doing on the Pulse?


Thanks very much 


Re: Pulse-API Integration

are you using dynamic credentials for your login or static?
can you login successfully through the web admin?
is your admin account configured with API access?
i would recommend opening a case with our support team for tracking down what is happening

Re: Pulse-API Integration



i think, you already know the manual?

I was struggeling on the same point...
please make/take  the first steps with curl to check connections/passwords/accounts/... and for further actions a key is prefered auth method.
if you use windows, in linux subsystem should be curl also be available
if you use a device certificate, you might tell curl to deactivate using certificates... ?--no-certificates?
curl got a great man page

i am not sure, but i fear the encoding might be the reason... - but sadly I do not know your IDE...

good luck.