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Pulse App Launcher- Failed to Contact Server

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Pulse App Launcher- Failed to Contact Server

Hi there.


I'm a newbie with Pulse Secure App Launcher.


The scenario:

My OS is macOS Mojave (10.14.6). Pulse Secure App Launcher has been installed automatically when connected to one of my client's VPN.  My client is just allowing VPN connections from previously configured and authorized ip addresses so I have set up a socks proxy to access with one of our servers with static ip and they have associate that ip to my user.  With this configuration I can successfully connect to their VPN and access the pulse applications menu.


The problem:

When I try to execute any application (Network Connect or Terminal Server), it launches the App Launcher, and it returns "Failed to contact server. Please check your network connection and try again."  I've checked the post 41492 and definitely the symptoms are the same: 


00185,09 2019/12/11 11:44:09.459 1 rick PulseApplication Pulse_secure_Application_Launcher p64220 t307 dsclient.cpp:977 - 'dsclient' an error 0 occurred while contacting server
.resp code = 302

But I'm not sure that the root cause is the same.  I guess that my problem is that the Application Launcher is not aware of the proxy configuration:


00183,09 2019/12/11 11:44:09.423 5 rick PulseApplication Pulse_secure_Application_Launcher p64220 t307 http_connection.cpp:811 - 'http_connection' Proxy Address: ip=(null), por
t=0, familiy=0

I don't know if it's possible to configure Application Launcher to use the system's proxy configuration so any help will be appreciate.


By the way, I've tried with a Windows 10 VM with the same proxy configuration and the results are exactly the same.




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