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Pulse Client 5.0 still active after uninstall

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Pulse Client 5.0 still active after uninstall

I am trying to uninstall Pulse Client 5.0, I go to the install logs and it tells me that Pulse Secure 5.0 was successfully removed from your computer. Yet it is still in my start menu and when I click on the icon the program launches. Any suggestions?

Re: Pulse Client 5.0 still active after uninstall

Is this after running the uninstall through add/remove programs as well?
Does it show after a reboot after removing through add/remove programs?
Are you an admin on the system?
Is there any software installed that keeps your machine set to a corporate image that may be re-installing it?
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Re: Pulse Client 5.0 still active after uninstall


I am facing the same issue as the person that raised the topic.
After running PulseUninstall.exe /silent=1 in system context, logs show that it's successful, but the product code stays on the machine.
Could you advise what can be done to correct it?
Thank you!
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Re: Pulse Client 5.0 still active after uninstall


We have found that installing pulse 5.2 will override the 5.0 install or we followed the following to completely remove the 5.0 install:

To remove Pulse from your machine:
On a PC:

1. Delete cookies, temporary files and pre-fetch files from the client PC.
2. Delete the Java files from Control Panel->Java->Temporary Internet Files->Settings->Delete Files.
3. Delete the JuniperSetupClientControl Class files and JuniperSetupClientControlXP Class from Control Panel->Internet Options->Under Browsing History Tab->Settings->View Objects-> Select the above two files and delete the same.
4. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Remove all Juniper Programs
5. Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > General > Settings > View Objects > Delete all the ActiveX Components installed by Juniper
6. Then go to C:\ Users \\Application Data\Juniper Networks\setup\ and run uninstall.exe (path might differ for Win-7 OS)
7. Delete the following files from the client machine
Go to C:\Users\\Application Data\ and Delete the Juniper Networks folder
Go to C:\ Users \All Users\Application Data\ and Delete the Juniper Networks folder
C:\Program Files\and Delete the Juniper Networks Folder
C:\ Users \username\AppData\roaming\Juniper Networks\logging\debuglog.log
C:\ Users \public\Juniper Networks\logging\debuglog.log
8. Go to Device Manager/Click View on top/Select Show Hidden Devices/Go to the Network Adapter/Delete the Juniper Networks Virtual Adapter.
9. Also from the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Juniper Networks and remove the folder from the tree.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Juniper Networks and remove the folder from the tree.
10. After the above steps, please reboot the machine.

On a MAC:

Execute the following 2 commands from the terminal window : ( This is to show the hidden files from the MAC )
1. defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true
2. killall Finder
Execute the following steps again from the terminal :
1. sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Juniper\ Networks/SetupClient
2. sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Juniper\ Networks/
3. rm –rf ~/Library/Logs/Juniper\ Networks
4. sudo rm –rf /Applications/Network\
5. sudo /usr/local/juniper/nc/install/
1. Go to Finder on the following location and drag the Juniper Folders to the Trash ( We are trying to delete the left out files and folders )
2. Library/Application Support/Juniper Networks -- Drag the Juniper Networks folder to the trash. ( This is will be from the User profile )
3. Library/Application Support/Juniper Networks -- ( The same location from the root i.e Macintosh HD )
Also try the following:
Uninstall Junos Pulse (if installed) by moving /Applications/Junos to the Trash.
Remove /Library/LaunchDaemons/
Remove ~/Library/Application Support/Juniper Networks/SetupClient.