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Pulse Client Outlook sending problem


Pulse Client Outlook sending problem


Has anyone seen intermittend connectivity issues with using Outlook/Exchange and Pulse? We have users complain that in some situations Outlook is not sending email but receiving works. When restarting Outlook the emails get send.

I can reproduce for users with the problem:

  1. Composing a new message after Outlook has started results in the message:
    "The connection to Exchange is unavailable, Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action".

  2. When clicking "Cancel All" Outlook does say that all folders are up to date, but email is still stuck in Outbox.

  3. Restarting Outlook will send the email.

Our remote Outlook users connect to our Exchange via Pulse (version: We're using Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTPS)  and have configured a WSAM destination to our server.

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Re: Pulse Client Outlook sending problem

I haven't heard of this yet. Do you see the same behavior with traditional wsam? Does the same occur with L3 Pulse? Do your Pulse logs show any concerns regarding the connection?