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Pulse Connect Secure and VMware Horizon Deployment

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Pulse Connect Secure and VMware Horizon Deployment



I am pretty much a newbie to PCS and was looking for some  help or advice with integrating VMware Horizon VDI desktops. The use case is to have external and internal clients connect via PCS, in an external and internal edge scenario,  replacing the need for VMware security servers.


Any experience feedback or advise on how to find deployement documentaton to review would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Pulse Connect Secure and VMware Horizon Deployment

It appears to me, while Security Server is still being supported, UAG (Unified Access Gateway) is now the way to go. It is a really nice gateway with really intuitive web interface. It has a few levels of networking with regards to external and internal NICs. You need it as it acts as the security layer between internet and Horizon desktops. It should be load balanced though to ensure connections are being distributed among the Connection Servers correctly. Also use multiple UAGs for high availability. Basically, it sits in the DMZ and passes shakes and connections long.

We're just going through spinning up the various services and things for VMware Horizon 7.10 in our Dev environment with a view to upgrade Prod in a few months time. I'm just starting to look at load balancing so have requested the free trial to start playing around.