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Pulse Secure 5.1.3 - Windows 10 -> Troubleshooting

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Pulse Secure 5.1.3 - Windows 10 -> Troubleshooting

I am running Pulse Secure 5.1.3 on Windows 10. Several times per day, my connection drops and builds up again.
Everytime all my connections gots lost and I have to restart all an everything. Smiley Sad

How can I troubleshoot this?

Thanks for your answers.

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Re: Pulse Secure 5.1.3 - Windows 10 -> Troubleshooting

Our Knowledge Base (KB) article on Windows 10 support is here:

Generally, you need the 5.1r4 Pulse Secure desktop client for Windows 10 support. Can you work with your sysadmin to get up to this version?

Alternatively, have you tried using the Pulse Secure "Universal App" for Windows 10? The Universal App is a very lightweight VPN app that can be downloaded from the Microsoft store and that works with Pulse Secure's VPN gateways (Pulse Connect Secure). The Universal App is here:
documentation is here:

The Universal App has more limited functionality than the larger Pulse desktop app, but if it works in your situation it might be a good choice. Note: The universal app is free.