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Pulse Secure 8.3r3 - deploying

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Pulse Secure 8.3r3 - deploying

Hello, i am familiar with the process of deploying virtual appliance using documented procedure.


  My question is if i do a pulse secure factory reset, shutdown in vmware, can i then do a vmware export OVF template, take to another datacenter then import the OVF instead of doing another  pulse secure documented method using ovf properties?  


Thank you!


Re: Pulse Secure 8.3r3 - deploying

Hmm... You would like to know if the OVF properties like Internal port IP address, gateway, etc. would be retained if OVF export has been performed on the existing VM, correct?


@zanyterp : Any thoughts?

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Re: Pulse Secure 8.3r3 - deploying

[email protected],

your guess is as good as mine (both on the impact and goal). because the system has been factory reset prior to the OVF being done, it should be the same as what is downloaded (only, potentially, on an upgraded version).

@mbuster25: what are you expecting to happen when doing that vs using the OVF from the download site. if the goal is to have a new VM image up and running, yes, that should work just fine (as long as VMware allows doing that). in theory, though, yes, that should create a blank PCS on the version you are wanting to deploy (if that is the reason for doing it that way).

i am not sure what will happen when it deploys (if it uses the property values from the original or if you can update them to the new data center details).