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Pulse Secure Client Vs Connected Standby

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Pulse Secure Client Vs Connected Standby

Since W10 2002, connected Standby cannot be disabled anymore

Due to this feature , Wi-Fi adapter enters in DRIPS mode if not used by other ressources (even with laptop on AC adapter), & tunnel is lost . Client re-connect as soon keyboard/mouse entry or other ressource needs (Connected stand-by is not Sleep or Hibernate, apps still working). But while all mappings are gone f.e. , user need to re-enter credentials for some apps, etc ... and reconnection can take a minute (check compliance) . Did someone have already found best practices or any recommandations about Pulse Secure Client & Connected Standby (aka Modern standby)



Re: Pulse Secure Client Vs Connected Standby

@Pierre It is expected to see such behavior if the WiFi or LAN adapter gets disconnected/temp. turn off by Windows OS. In such cases, Pulse Client should automatically reconnect but still some apps that are responsive to network changes will notify the users or users intervention is needed.



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