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Pulse Secure Client device list export?

Pulse Secure Client device list export?

I support an entrprise deployment that members of our network team get a different PS client than the normal users and we get full admin rights to join which ever of our global peers we chose and can disable or enable VPN at will. Our normal users are always on when off the corp network and cannot make changes. So I am looking for a way to share my list I compiled with 20 or so peer devices on it with my other engineers but there is no export list option and I can't find anything so far in web and forum searches. I believe the users clients reach out to the appliance and get told which portal to use and its not that its simply pre-defined in the installer. Is there a way to pre-set a list of devices in a installer package of Pulse Secure that I can just share amoung my peers? I don't think there is a simply xml or txt file import to an existing install so I am guessing a pre-made installer is my only option. 


I have 30 or so peers on various global teams that I want to share my rather large device inventory with, just for scale and understanding of my need.



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Re: Pulse Secure Client device list export?

You can get a preconfiguration file (list of all VPN connections) downloaded from the VPN appliance and install the Pulse Client MSI package along with the preconfiguration file using the MSI switch commands.


If you have admin access to the VPN server, follow the below steps:


Preconfiguration file download -


### You can create new connections and components, if you don't have one ###


# Users >> Pulse Secure Client >> Connections tab will have the VPN connections list.


# Users >> Pulse Secure Client >> Components (has the connection set mapping) >> Tick the checkbox of the componet which contains the correct connection set >> Download installer configuration.


# After downloading the preconfig file, you can edit it using text editor and VPN connection specific entry informations will be present under  ive <channel ID> part. Remove the entire IVE part from the configuration file, if you want to customize the connection list and save the preconfig file(s).


For example, 


ive "62581830-ea55-47ca-98c6-98a22e7b0dc0" {
friendly-name: "SA"


NOTE: If you're pushing the customized / edited preconfig file, please make sure that the user roles doesn't have any components mapped under Users >> User roles >> ( >> VPN tunneling >> Pulse Secure client settings >> set the component list to "NONE".


# Another way of this doing is by creating a new connections-components pair and download the preconfiguration file.



MSI install commands


msiexec /i <MSI installer path> CONFIGFILE=<preconfig file path>

# After executing this command using cmd (can be launched as a script) will start the Pulse Client installation and Client will get installed along with the desired VPN connections.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Pulse Secure Client device list export?

as [email protected] indicated, you can create a connection set on the appliance and then export it as a preconfig file to import directly or push down from the appliance.
the other option, potentially, is to share the config list data on your team page so that admins can add the gateways as-needed (rather than forcing all of the gateways and then needing to update the list on the clients)
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Re: Pulse Secure Client device list export?

I have another scenario that makes this important to me and I've yet to figure it out. We not only have multiple URLs per VPN appliance, we have multiple VPN appliances in different areas. How can I take the list of connections I have created on my client and export that so it's available to the other techs who need to have the same list? I've I export the preconfig from each appliance, I can only import one since it overwrites the config. I can't figure out how to basically combine the two preconfig files into one so all of us can have the same list of available connections.