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Pulse Secure Connect Issue in v9.0

Pulse Secure Connect Issue in v9.0

This is bull**bleep**.

When I install the app then it works fine. but as soon as turn of my mac and start again and try to connect to vpn then I am facing issue of "wating to connect". And when collapse little arrow button then I can see Details as "Network Error"

Note : Nework is perfectly working fine.


if I want it to work it again then i have uninstall it and again install it.

Such a wasteful application.


I am stuck from past 1 month. 


Re: Pulse Secure Connect Issue in v9.0

is your macOS running Catalina 10.15.4?


Can you please provide the Pulse Client logs before (covers the non-working part) and after reinstallation (covers the working part)?


Pulse Client Logs:

1. Open Pulse Client.
2. File >> Logs >> Annotate >> "working/non-working"
3. File >> Logs >> Log level >> Detailed.
4. Replicate the issue.
5. File >> Logs >> Save as.

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