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Pulse Secure Connect/Suite licensing


Pulse Secure Connect/Suite licensing


Assume you want a (working) appliance, what do you need to buy?
1) the appliance hardware, like #PSA3000
2) maintenance on the hardware, like #??????

And then there is software:
1) Pulse Connect Secure, like #CONSEC-xU(-zYR), with support (#?????)
OR 2) Pulse Access Suite, like #STE-ESS-10CU, with support (#PAR-STE-ESS-GLD-10CU-1Y)
So you need to acquire a license and pay maintenance for it, as usual. PLEASE CONFIRM!

However, I see there exist perpetual licenses for Pulse Connect, as oppsed to Pulse Access. CORRECT?

What are the maintenance costs for Pulse Connect perpetual? (#??????)

Can someone fill in the blanks, i.e. a link to the product codes and prices for #??????.


Why can't this be clear and easy for once ;-)



Re: Pulse Secure Connect/Suite licensing




It would be best to discuss the various offerings with our Sales team to come up with the best deal for you, you can use to request a demo; quotes etc.







Re: Pulse Secure Connect/Suite licensing

I have decided that the best offer is the very simple Pulse Secure Access (no suite).

Since it is the simplest solution, it must also be the cheapest.

So I'd need to know where to find the maintenance costs just like for the other packages.

I have demoed the appliance myself. It works nicely.

If I wanted I could have contacted sales a long time ago as you say. However I just want to order and not chit chat for weeks. (Usually, sales people don't have any idea about the technical details behind the licenses anyway.) In order to be able to order I'd need to know prices however.

They are all listed, that's very good. However the combination I mentioned is not listed, and it would be good for everyone to know the reason for that.

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Re: Pulse Secure Connect/Suite licensing

Hello Jeronimo,


While I cannot comment on specific pricing, I can try and fill in the rest of the blanks.


In regards to hardware device, there will be the initial cost of the hardware and the annual cost to support next day or same day for RMA support.  In regards to software, the two options you are referring to is perpetual license (individually) compared to the essential suite. 

  • In the perpetual license (individually), this will only be the user license and will need to add the additional cost of gold or platinum software support.
  • In essential suite, the suite will include the gold or platinum software support, user licenses and Pulse One (cloud) solution to help manage the device (useful if you have more than one devices to manage).

Pulse Secure have try to simply the software packages to essential, advanced and enterprise suites.  I've found the following document helpful to others trying to determine differences in each suite. Though, we do understand that suite may not make sense for everyone and still allow to individually purchase user license without having to purchase a suite.


Hope you've found this information helpful.