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Pulse Secure Language

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Pulse Secure Language


I need your help to configure Pulse Secure.

It seems that Pulse Secure language are depending of time & currency of workstations.

It means that if I have a workstation with an English operating system but with French settings, Pulse secure will be in French.

How can we have Pulse Secure in English in that case ?

I tried to delete or rename the file PulseResource_FR.txt located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Juniper Networks\JamUI but nothing change

I tried to change the file connstore.dat, with this :

machine "local" {
guid: "3CD3C5FC34E94ADBBB34A65EA7876214"
pulse-language: "en-US"

Nothing changes too.

So how can I chnage the language ? Or how can I install Pulse Secure in the desired language ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Pulse Secure Language

registry maybe ?
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Re: Pulse Secure Language

I find this :

it is ok for me.

Re: Pulse Secure Language

Thank you for posting your findings
Yes, there is no way to have a language outside the regional settings without using a forced-launch command