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Pulse Secure Windows 10 app - quick question

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Pulse Secure Windows 10 app - quick question

Hiya everyone,

Just wondered if there was anyone out there who is using the new Pulse Secure app from the Microsoft Store yet, for their Windows 10 users as I remember reading in an Email from a Pulse Secure engineer saying that this was in beta.

The app can be found here:

My main question is that is states that the VPN appliance itself needs to be running 8.1 but we are running at 8.0 as this is still the 'recommended release' from Pulse Secure. I have had a user who said they installed the app and they believe it to be working ok for them, despite us running 8.0 on the VPN.

Anyone using the app on version 8.0 on their VPN?

Huge thanks in advance, Donna

Re: Pulse Secure Windows 10 app - quick question

Pulse Secure does not plan to qualify 8.0Rx versions of Pulse Connect Secure with the Pulse Secure Universal App, and therefore, the combination will never be supported by our Global Support Center. That said, we have used the Universal App internally here with 8.0Rx PCS gateways, and we haven't had issues. So you may want to try it - it should "just work".

Bear in mind that connections could fail depending on your IT administrator's configuration of the PCS gateway. For example, there could be "hostchecker" restrictions on client OS type, etc. that would prevent a connection from being established by your Universal app. As such, if the connection fails, you may wish to talk to your system administrator regarding the gateway configuration to ensure that connections would be allowed by your client.
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Re: Pulse Secure Windows 10 app - quick question

Many thanks for this, that's great to hear.

I will be checking as to when Pulse Secure say that 8.1 is now their recommended release so as to start planning this upgrade.

We do not use hostchecker here so that's a good thing with regards to having the app work with Windows 10 if needed.

Best wishes,