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Pulse Secure + Windows Defender + ESET = No Compliance

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Pulse Secure + Windows Defender + ESET = No Compliance

I've just installed Pulse Secure and ESET on a brand-new Windows 10 Pro.  When trying to connect to my vpn, Pulse continually

1) checks compliance

2) fails

3) within a second or two, goes to step 1


This loop goes so fast I can hardly click on the "read instructions" link before it restarts. Occasionally I'm quick enough, and I see a "details" link.  Again, if I'm quick enough I can click that.  The message says it turned on Windows Defender (multiple times).


To help it along, I turned off ESET as much as I can, and enabled Windows Defender myself.  But still, no improvement.


What can I do to get past this?


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Pulse Secure + Windows Defender + ESET = No Compliance

These are part of the Host Checker feature of Pulse Secure.  Your IT department that runs the VPN appliance creates customized rules for your company requiring specific items be present and enabled on any computer before the VPN can connect.


The instruction page is then custom written by the same team to explain what items are required and why your check failed to comply with the set policy.


It sounds like your client is auto retrying after the failure too fast to read the instructions.  If you can't get it to stop the retry connection or you the instructions on what to do to comply with policy are not clear enough, you will need to open a ticket with the IT group that setup the appliance to understand what is required to be accepeted for VPN connection.


Steve Puluka BSEET - IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro-Ethernet & ISP) -
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Re: Pulse Secure + Windows Defender + ESET = No Compliance

Thanks Steve. I'll talk with them.