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Pulse Secure execute Network Connect

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Pulse Secure execute Network Connect

I login to "Pulse Secure Client" from a MAC, haco login, meto mi turing code in a custom page, and when logging in .. try to run Network Connect.

What do I have to do to run Secure Pulse instead of Network Connect? In the same role run it from more operating systems running Network Connect, so I can not put Pulse Secure by default.

Can you help me?
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Re: Pulse Secure execute Network Connect

You cannot launch Network Connect from the Pulse Client; can you confirm if you are launching Pulse and then Network Connect or if you are using the browser portal?
Pulse should be more versatile as a client than Network Connect; what platforms are you seeing not supported for Pulse that are for Network Connect?
As long as you login through the Pulse client directly, you should be fine to have the VPN tunnel come up, even if Network Connect is configured on the role