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Pulse Secure not working on home network

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Pulse Secure not working on home network

I am using pulse secure to connect to VPN on my HP government laptop.  I go through my home network which my wife connects to her VPN just fine with her CISCO software on either Wifi or ethernet.   In the last couple days, my pulse secure has not been connecting to any of the VPN connections and it slows down my computer to the point that nothing loads and I have to restart and sometimes things load on the computer and sometimes they don't.  Mostly they don't.  It happens on both WiFi and the ethernet connection.  My wife plugs her HP government laptop in to the ethernet cable and her CISCO VPN software works fine so it's not the home network.  How can I get pulse secure to work?


Re: Pulse Secure not working on home network

Please uncheck Juniper network service from both the WiFi and Pulse Secure Adapters.

KB43833 - Slow download speeds/unable to access resources over Wifi via Pulse Desktop client on Wind...


If the issue persists, it could be due to a 3rd party application. We would need to review the logs. We suggest you to open a support case with us.