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Pulse Secure slow on new network

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Pulse Secure slow on new network

Hi there,

We have been using the Pulse Secure client for many months on our local and public networks to access our overseas corporate network without any problems.

We recently moved to a new office and on this network the VPN is too slow to be of use. I've made some observations:

1) Pulse Secure has been working as expected on many networks for many months.
2) When using our new office LAN without a VPN is as fast as you'd expect.
3) When using the VPN from the new office network it is too slow to be of use.
4) When using my iPhone as a personal hotspot for my PC (instead of the local network) the VPN works as expected.

Therefore I believe there must be something about our local network setup that is slowing Pulse Secure down. Traceroutes when using VPN via local network and iPhone hotspot are identical in terms of route and speed, but homepages simply refuse to load in a timely manner via our local network.

Our router is a Linksys LRT224 configured to connect to our provider. No other settings (firewall, VPN, advanced connection settings) have been touched.

I am simply using the Pulse Secure client sent to us by head office and have no knowledge of its configuration, but given it has worked on many networks over the past few months I don't believe there are any problems there, so the problem must be with our local LAN setup or possibly our provider.

If anyone has any insight it'd be a great help,


Re: Pulse Secure slow on new network

Do you know if the router on the new network is allowing UDP port 4500 inbound/outbound to devices not itself?
It could be the data tunnel is being established using SSL rather than ESP