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Pulse Secure terminal server

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Pulse Secure terminal server

We use Pulse Secure from our corporate network to connect to a VPN on another state network.

After the connection with Pulse Secure the Juniper Networks Virtual Adapter network card is used which cuts the connection of the network card which points to the local domain of the company.

When an employee works in a terminal server from a thin client, if it launches the connection to Pulse Secure (on is virtual environnment), i was immediately disconnected from is RDP session. (same for other users who connect to the same TS.

Do you have a solution?


Re: Pulse Secure terminal server

is the terminal server on your domain/network or the other state? if it is the other domain, i would expect that to fail as the network policies are applied and external access is cut off.

Re: Pulse Secure terminal server

@frangass Seems like VPN is configured to block local access after establishing tunnel. It's a setting enabled on the server side.

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