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Pulse Secure vs Junos Pulse

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Pulse Secure vs Junos Pulse


I have couple of general questions regarding Pulse clients...

1. what is the difference between current Junos Pulse and Pulse Secure clients?


2. what will be the command line silent install for each (if there are differences)?

3. What is the registry key to reset in case the OS with installed Pulse client will be captured for mass deployment?



Re: Pulse Secure vs Junos Pulse

The current Pulse clients have support for newer operating systems and meets additional certificate signing requirements from MS; is there a specific version you would like to compare? As with all software, the higher the version the more features available.

The command is the same, other than you are calling a different .msi file

Can you clarify what you mean on registry key to reset? Does the client-side changes guide, found at for each version answer the question you are looking for?