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Pulse VPN issue with DualStack-Lite connection (IPv6)


Pulse VPN issue with DualStack-Lite connection (IPv6)

Sorry for posting this thread again but this issue is still outstanding

We have several reports of people having issues to connect office network from home over Pulse secure vpn client. Affected users are located mostly in EMEA.

Common scenario is that the VPN tunnel gets initiated and the connection gets established. However people are not able to browse the internet/internet on their machine. They get network drives assigned and they are working fine.

We did some tests and results are:

- Users in Kronberg with that issue are using Unitymedia (aka UPC). They provide a DualStack-Lite connection (IPv6 & IPv4). Same issue is also being faced by users in Ireland also have this DS-Lite or IPv6 connection
- If connecting to a pure IPv4 connection (mobile phone hotspot) everything works fine.
- Beside of Laptops, also iPads are affected if you connect via Junos Pulse (VPN setup works but connection to VDI as an example times out)
- I found a couple of articles in the Internet that changing the MTU value might help, so I tried that at home (MTU was set to 1500, now it is at 1460). That fixed my issue with the T-Mobile WLAN call which wasn’t working properly but not the office VPN issue.

any thoughts?

Re: Pulse VPN issue with DualStack-Lite connection (IPv6)

Are you using an L3 or L4 connection?
What version of Pulse are you using?
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Re: Pulse VPN issue with DualStack-Lite connection (IPv6)



is there some solution? I'm experiencing the same problems through UPC as ISP in Slovakia.

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Re: Pulse VPN issue with DualStack-Lite connection (IPv6)

We are facing the same issue with some of our clients.

Pulse Securte Version is 9.1.4 (on macOS) and we are using L3.

Hope there is some kind of fix for this. I mean you can alway tell a coleague to disable ipv6 on their client, but it's really tiresome with some of them.


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