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Pulse and iOS 7?

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Re: Pulse and iOS 7?



We have an IPAD with IOS7 and the last version Junos Pulse (


We have configured split tunneling and the corporate apps don't work. However, the same in IOS6 was right.


We have captured traffic in the internal interface and we don't see any traffic to corporate servers. Split tunneling isn't working.


Have anyone detected the same problem?




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Re: Pulse and iOS 7?

I have seen the same error for my users as well. JTAC has been completely clueless and it is been going on since the release of IOS7. We have replaced 20 IOS7 IPADs with IOS6 only because of this issue.


Has there been a fix for this?

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Re: Pulse and iOS 7?

I am runnign 7.3 R5. I have not upgraded to 7.4 yet. One of the suggestions I recieved was to check for encryption strength. But I beleived allowing 128 bit or higher encryption means allowing RC4. Our Org policy does not allow this.

Is there a known fix for this in 7.4? Wonder why TAC has not suggested this yet.

Any other suggestions