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Pulse conflicts with Cisco

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Pulse conflicts with Cisco

I need to work with 2 VPNs: Pulse and Cisco. However when I need to connect both on same time I have a hard task!
If I first connect Pulse ... I am able to use Remote Desktop connection... however when I connect Cisco I will have issues to access some utilities... if I first connect Cisco... utilities will go good, however I will be not able to connect Remote Desktop connection ... it seems Pulse is not connect although it is ...
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Re: Pulse conflicts with Cisco

There is probably some routing overlap between the two vpn connections.  The subnets for the utilities you have problems with likely exist on both company networks so cannot be connected at the same time.


Unfortuately, which subnets route across a vpn is a configuration option for the company that sets up the vpn not the end user. 


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