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Pulse connect vm licences.

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Pulse connect vm licences.



We would like to migrate from a mag-sm160 to a VM solution for PPS mainly because of restrictions on the firmware support.

I'd like to ask, if the feature licence we have can be used on the VM as well and where we can find information about the VM licences. I found this link

which basically states the the VM licencs are not lifetime. Is this true?


Thank you

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Re: Pulse connect vm licences.

This seems to be true.  I'm working with our reseller now on our existing vm deploy.


It seem the perpetual licenses are gone and we also may not be able to continue to use then either.  Still pushing for more details.  So we are redefining the word perpetual.


Seems like everything is time limited now.


the other big change is previously there were no limits to the number of vm you could deploy to a license server the only limitation was your connect license pool to share.  Now you also have to pay a fee per year per vm as well.



Steve Puluka BSEET - IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro-Ethernet & ISP) -

Re: Pulse connect vm licences.

Yes, as @spuluka mentioned, the VM license is subscription based (1, 3, 5 year options). What specific license are you looking to use?
as far as using the feature license, each system will need to have the license purchased (just as with any new purchase)