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Pulse on Iphone - session not disconnected

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Pulse on Iphone - session not disconnected

Hi all,

I made some tests with JunOS Pulse and encountered different issues depending on the platform tested:

- On windows platfrom, I tested it on 3 winXP, on two of them, I had to install/reinstall it before having it installed completely (hangs at 51%...); Fortunatetely, after those problems during installation, I was able to connect to my SA

- on Win Mobile, I've just began my tests, but I'm not able to connect succesfully for the moment

- On Iphone, seems to be the most stable platform, the installation works fine, the connection works fine...

I saw only one strange thing: after disconnecting pulse on my iphone, the session stay opened in my SA, it was only disconnected after a moment "due to inactivity", Did someone see the same behavior?




Occasional Contributor

Re: Pulse on Iphone - session not disconnected

Sounds like a Jtac question. From my testing and deployment on iphones disconnecting it does leave it open for a few minutes. If you reconnect within a minute after disconnecting the session resumes just as it was. Pretty interesting on it as well.