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Pulse secure is unstable in Windows 10

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Pulse secure is unstable in Windows 10

How do we troubleshoot what's causing Pulse Secure VPN to be unable on Windows 10?  It seems to randomly drops the VPN.  On the same computer, my ssh sessions are stable so it's not the network.

Sometime it would go for hours and other times it could disconnect several times in a minute.  On the same network, Pulse Secure is extremely stable on the Mac.


Looking at event viewer, I see the following errors with respect to Pulse:


Error connecting channel.


Network error.
System error (10054):An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.


Reason (6): agentd error
Server detected error.


Error connecting channel.




Re: Pulse secure is unstable in Windows 10

Hi @vamfoom ,
This issue can be caused by many things.  In our lab it was the 9.1R3 back-end upgrade (issue every 10 mins / upgrade to 9.1R4 solved it). 
In the production enviroment (enterprise) we're suspecting the external firewall which gives Deny's on Port 80. You might also want to check host firewalls. 
KB article about issue that i've found 


Good luck!